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AFR Filing has gone live and E-Freight would like to review some of the Filing Rules.

SAS108 Report
•  After Carrier files in ATD, NACCS sends a Discrepancy Report to Carrier called SAS108
•  SAS108 will list all B/Ls flagged with Carrier or NVO errors
•  For NVO, it will be in the following areas
    –  NVO did not file AHR before ATD
    –  Mistakes in Vessel Name, Call Sign, Voyage Number
    –  Discrepancies in Master BL and House BL

Minimize chance of getting on SAS108 Report
•  Japan Customs may issue SPD - Suspend
    –  For SPD shipments, Carrier, and only Carrier, needs to file DNC to discharge the cargo at the port.
    –  SPD only for Late Filings and Errors in Vessel / Bill of Lading data
    –  Penalty may be issued to NVO.

•  Minimize Filing Errors, especially those that can cause SAS108
    –  Maintain Quality Data, especially Carrier Code and Vessel
    –  Must verify Vessel Call Sign with the Carrier, make sure Carriers will provide at Booking
    –  Make sure the Master BL is entered correctly

•  Make sure AFR Filing is not Late or Missing

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