Customs Filing

E-Freight is certified to file Advanced Manifest Data as required by US Customs and Canada Customs. Compliance with Customs Regulations is crucial minimizing risks and associated costs with international shipping. Non-Compliance of rules will entail Cargo Holds, Do Not Loads and Liquidated Damages.

Product Features


Automated Manifests are currently filed to the new Automated Commercial Environment developed by US CBP. Non-Compliance can result in Cargo Holds, Do Not Loads, Exams along with liquidated damages.


Importer Security Filing is required for all Ocean Inbound shipments to the United States. Also referred to as 10+2 Filing, ISF requires additional Data Elements to be filed 24 hours prior to departure. Liquidated Damages for ISF Non-compliance are being enforced starting July 2013.


Advanced Commercial Information is enforced by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and is required for all inbound shipments into Canada. Non-compliance will result in Cargo Holds and Do Not Loads, there are no current liquidated damages.