A Cloud-based Supply Chain Management Portal. Bridges importers to trade partners and logistics service providers. Applies the latest technology to monitor international shipments and manage supplier quality. EFT-eBridge is a complete web-based Vendor Portal where all Trade Partners, including Suppliers, Freight Forwarders, Brokers and Truckers can process Orders and Shipments. Customers can receive ASN data at each Milestone, all the way from Production to Delivery. Users can directly generate standardized Shipping / Carton Labels, Packing Lists and Commercial Invoices

Product Features

Maximize EDI Capabilities

• POs, ASNs, Labels, Packing Lists, and Invoices produced in your specified format

Event Management

• Obtain key event information direct from service providers

Auto Alert

• Provides better risk management

Automate Benefit

• Fast Response Time

• Change Management

• Supply Chain Cost Reduction

• Business Process Automation

Tailor Made Packing Rules

• Define compliance rules in a secure Cloud portal


• Designed to meet your BI needs Current ship status control Supplier performance rating

KPI Reporting

• Lead time analysis Cost analysis

Tailor Made Benefit

• Identify and develop new opportunities and strategies Supplier Self-Service

Cloud-based Portal

• Suppliers and logistics service providers collaborate using real time information Standardize rules for better quality data Maximum visibility

Electronic Document

• Online access to all eDocuments from cloud storage

ISF Filing

• Integrate entire ISF Filing status

Integrate Benefit

• Quality Control & Efficiency