Japan AFR (Advanced Filing Rules)

Japan is the next country to require Advanced Filing of Manifest Data 24 Hours prior to departure of Cargo. Enforcement has begun as of March 10 2014.

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Japan Advanced Filing Rules is a 24 Hour Manifest Filing that is to be required by NACCS (Japan Customs) for all Inbound and In-transit shipments to Japan. The Advanced Filing must be 24 hours before the departure date on all Japan Bound shipments.

NACCS – AFR Regulations and Enforcement


For any inquiries regarding Japan AFR, please contact:

Eric Wong
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NACCS will be hosting seminars in multiple cities across the globe.

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E-Freight is certified to file manifest data directly to NACCS, to file the Advanced Filing, you must first register a Reporter ID either through E-Freight, or directly with NACCS.

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